How to choose your hashtags

Knowing Your Audience

Before choosing your hashtags you need to make sure you know what your target audience pays attention to the most. Who are the users that will find your account valuable? Which hashtags do they check most often? Once you establish who your audience is and what their interests are, you should have a general idea of the topics you can use as hashtags - use them in your favor! 

Relevance Vs Reach

Relevance is the most important element, but you should also determine which of those relevant hashtags have the largest reach. The reach of an hashtag is determined by the number of posts that are tagged with it. The larger the reach, the larger the number of users that will be engaging with that hashtag. Even so, largest reach isn't always the best option. Always keep touching your audience's interests and niche as top priority. 

Just as quick reference, we suggest avoiding hashtags with less than 10K posts or more than 150M posts to it. But of course, these numbers are just a reference for when you are manually selecting your hashtags. They are not a strict guideline.

A Practical Example

Let's imagine that your account is focused on travel and you're evaluating which hashtags to use. Remember that hashtags can be changed anytime. Some might be relevant today, but not so much tomorrow. For example, if you're currently doing a trip around India and you're contemplating using one of these two hashtags: #discoverindia with around 300K posts OR #india with over 74M posts, which one should you use?

The right answer would be #discoverindia. Although it has a smaller reach in comparison to the 74M posts on #india, it is much more relevant and niche-oriented. You will likely target users that are also discovering or traveling around India, and have similar interests as you. When you interact with them there is a higher chance that they will check your profile and you may gain a loyal follower right there! The trick is trying to attract users with things in common that will probably enjoy your content. Whether it is a similar hobby, a shared interest or even an event in which you are participating. Here we gave the "trip to India" as an example, but this can be applied to anything. 

If You're Lost

If you're new to Instagram or using hashtags, finding the most relevant hashtags isn't always easy. Don't worry, there's a fast and simple way to discover the best hashtags for your audience. If you're completely lost, you can check our Hashtag Generator Tool

You may also look for hashtag ideas in other influential accounts within your niche. Check their best performing posts and note the hashtags that they are using. Although this isn't always the best bet, given that these are hashtags used by content creators rather than regular viewers, it can be a starting point. 

Final Notes

Once you've spent time ensuring that your Instagram account has a specific theme or niche going on and you have identified the hashtags your target audience cares about the most, it's time to start growing your account. Nitreo is here to help kickstart your growth! Remember that you can always change and test around different hashtags to see which ones perform better for you. If at any given moment you require assistance, our support team is one click away.