Account Setup

In this article we'll cover how to sign up and add your Instagram account to Nitreo.

Sign Up

1. Enter your email address

Important Note: You will need to verify your email address to continue using Nitreo. Please enter a valid email address that you have access to.

2. Create a password for your Nitreo account

3. Click on Create Account

4. Enter your name and we're ready to add your Instagram account.

Add Instagram Account

1. Enter your Instagram username and password to allow Nitreo to connect to it. Note this is your Instagram password, and not your Nitreo account password.

2. Click Connect to verify the Instagram username and password match. If you come across any issues with connecting your account, please reach out to us at support.

Important Note: Nitreo uses SHA-3 cryptographic encryption with Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael AES). Your password is not stored by us, but it is instead one-way encrypted. In other words, your account is really, really safe with us.

3. Click Continue

Confirm Nitreo Login

In some accounts Instagram requests confirming our login to your account. If you receive this notification, click "This Was Me" so we can successfully connect to your account and start growing it.

What's Next?

Now it's time to let us know what your account is all about so we can target the most relevant followers.

See all about how to choose and add your targets right here

Adding Targets