Add Targets

In this article we'll cover how to add your account targets, it's easy! 

We offer all the supported targeting methods:

  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Username Targeting
  • Location & Gender Targeting (Speed)

Continue reading to learn about each one.

Categorize Your Account

Choose the main category for your account, what it's all about. If you're not sure what to choose for best results, select the closest option and have your account manager review it.

Hashtag & User Targeting

Once you've categorized your account and synced up your Instagram profile, you're prompted to add at least 5 hashtags and 5 accounts that are similar to yours. Nitreo engages with hashtags you've added (Nitreo suggests new ones over time).

When you add accounts similar to yours, Nitreo engages with that account's followers. 

Going through this step lets Nitreo:

  • Target the right hashtags and users for you
  • Make suggestions and improvements over time
  • Accurately log performance of each target
  • Let your account manager jump in to refine your settings

We've also prepared some tips for you on how to choose the most relevant hashtags and similar users for your account.