Subscribing to Nitreo

In this article we'll cover how to subscribe and choose the plan most suited to your needs.

Choosing a Plan

After you set up your account it's time to choose a plan. There are two available plans to choose from: Essential and Speed. All you need to do is click on the one that best applies to your needs and hit the Continue button. 

Choosing the Billing Frequency

After selecting your preferred plan, you'll be taken to the billing frequency page. There you'll be able to select your desired billing frequency. This can be either monthly, annually or every 6 months. We usually recommend our users to go with either the annual or the 6 months plan, as it is more affordable than paying monthly. However, if you're not ready to commit to a longer subscription, you can skip this step and subscribe monthly. To do that, simply click the "No, thanks" line in the bottom of the page.


By now you should have selected your plan and desired billing frequency. On the check-out page you should see a summary of your selection. Click the green Subscribe button to proceed.

Applying a Discount Code

Once you click the Subscribe button, a modal will pop up like the image below, so you can enter a discount code or proceed to check-out as is. Make sure to validate the discount code before hitting the Proceed to Check-out button. A blue arrow button will show up on the right side.

Don't have a discount code? There are multiple situations in which we can provide discount codes. They could be announced on special occasions or simply offered under special conditions. Are you running an agency with multiple clients, do you have multiple accounts or think you could be eligible for a discounted rate? All you need to do is contact our customer support and we'll assist you with that.

Adding your Account Details

First we will request your details. We need your email so we can associate your payment with your account. You can also add in your personal information in this step, however, these are optional. Once the information is filled, click next.

Adding your Billing Address

For billing purposes we will need your details such as your name, address, city, state and country. Some of the fields are optional. Carefully fill in the information and click next.

Adding your Payment Details

Lastly we will request your payment details to complete the payment. You can pay with any card that is most convenient to you, credit or debit. This information is always encrypted and safe. Our payments are powered by Stripe via Chargebee and are completely secure. Click next, confirm the payment and you're all set!

What Plan Should I Choose?

Choosing a plan is a personal matter and it really depends on your goals. The main differences between the Essential plan and the Speed plan are as follows:

- The growth speed, which is significantly faster in the Speed plan. Nitreo will perform more actions on your account.

- On the Speed plan you will have access to Advanced Settings which will let you better define your target audience, including location and gender based filtering.

- Priority Support while on a Speed plan. That means our Instagram experts will dedicate more time to helping you with your growth needs, guiding you and providing you tips. Your help requests to customer support will also be prioritized over clients on the Essential plan, meaning that our response time will be faster.

- Growth Club access. The Growth club is an exclusive platform that provides users free growth tools and discounted rates on relevant Instagram-related apps, amongst other things. 

Is There a Free Trial?

Because of a huge upsurge in demand, we do not offer free trials. We would not be able to service all accounts to the quality we'd like our customers to expect if we were servicing thousands of free trials in the meantime.