Activating Nitreo

Welcome to your dashboard

As soon as you set up your account, you're ready to access your dashboard. There you can see all your connected Instagram accounts and their status. 

Confirm login 

In some cases Instagram requests a confirmation for Nitreo's login, this is perfectly normal and the confirmation process is simple and done through your dashboard. 

  1. Click on an account in your dashboard and if confirmation is required you'll see an Account Validation window guiding you in the process. 
  2. Choose your preferred method for confirming the account, SMS or Email. Once the code is successfully sent, close the window.

  3. Once you get the code, click on your account, a new window will open where you can enter the code your received.

And that's it! Your account is ready for the next step.

Account warmup

For the safety of your account Nitreo has a 48 hour warm up period before initiating activities. Keeping your account safe is our top priority.

You will know that your account is warming up when you open it on your dashboard. You should see a timeline with your current status.

Account is Active!

Once your account's short warmup is done, you'll start seeing activities and getting new followers!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us here at support, we're always happy to help.