How to choose your similar users

Know your Inspirations and or Competitors

Choosing similar users is quite straightforward. All you need to do is ask yourself the following questions: If you are a content creator: Who are your inspirations? If you are a business: Who are your competitors? Which accounts do you personally like to follow or which accounts do you usually keep an eye on to check “how they’re doing”? 

Choose Accounts with Similar Content 

Ultimately, your goal is to select users who you believe to have your desired target audience as followers. You should aim at users who have a similar content as yours, or users to whom you look up to as inspiration. Remember, the similar their content is to yours, the more likely it is that their followers will be interested in following you too.

Keep it Realistic, No Celebs!

It’s important to be realistic though. For example: If you’re a singer and you’re a fan of BeyoncĂ©, that doesn’t mean adding BeyoncĂ© as a similar user would be a good idea. In fact, that would not be helpful at all. Big celebrity accounts are usually filled with all sorts of random users, many of which only follow BeyoncĂ© because she is a celebrity. These accounts are also easily preyed by bots and spam accounts, making them terrible sources for finding your target audience. Our suggestion is to look for small or micro-influencers in your area that are not that “high above” in the popularity cloud. 

The Ideal Similar User

Aim at users with plenty of media publications, as those are usually more active and therefore so will be their audience. A wise choice would be selecting users with no less than 5K followers, otherwise their audience could be too small and you’ll run out of valuable leads fast. Nevertheless you also want to avoid users with over 500K followers, as these already fall into the randomized audience category. They will most certainly have a lot of spammy and inactive followers. Of course, these numbers are just a reference, they’re not a strict guideline.

Their Engagement Rates

It is also quite important to keep an eye out for your similar user’s engagement rates, as this can reveal a lot about the authenticity of their followers. An engagement rate is measured by the number of followers the user has in comparison with the average number of likes they get per post. 

For instance, a healthy account with 10K genuine followers, should have around 1K likes per photo. Of course, this can depend on the content they post, as some images are more attractive than others and Instagram’s algorithm itself is ever-changing. As a quick tip, we suggest that you avoid users with engagement rates lower than 3%, as they probably have a lot of fake or inactive followers. Accounts with engagement rates rounding 10% and above are usually great sources. 

Detective's Eye

Regardless of their engagement rate, we always recommend that you take a peek at their list of likers. Choose a couple of posts and see if you can spot many suspicious accounts. These can be accounts with random usernames, without profile pictures or spammy looking. If you do, they might be buying fake likes and hence the engagement rate is not real and they may not be a valuable source either.

Can't See User's Likes?

Instagram’s new update has made it impossible for some people to see other user’s number of likes and likers. If you’re one of these cases, you can either try checking it via another account or you can refer to our Engagement Calculator to help you with this. 

Numbers Can Be Relative, Trust Your Gut

Keep in mind these numbers are dependable on niche and quite relative. That said, if you feel confident about how a certain user would be suitable for you regardless of their stats, go ahead and test them! Remember, you can always change them whenever you want if you see they are not providing good results.