Nitreo AI Growth Methods

Getting you more followers and engagement is our top priority, to achieve that we offer you our suite of Nitreo-exclusive features.


The fastest way to get noticed on Instagram is by following an account. We do this for you based on your selection of targets relevant to your niche. By following users relevant to your niche, you're increasing the likelihood of a follow back.

When Nitreo follows a user, we ensure they don't interfere with your newsfeed. We mute all followed profiles on your behalf, so you'll not see their posts or stories over time. With new people messaging you to say hello, feel free to use our  whitelist feature if you want to keep following a user!

Instagram Story Viewing

Viewing Instagram stories is an incredibly non-invasive, and highly scalable way of growing your Instagram account. We view hundreds of stories a day so you'll get noticed by story creators in your niche and get followers faster.

Comment Liking

We like relevant comments on your behalf. By liking engagement of a similar user, you get more organic followers.

Live Reactions

We auto post live-reactions to appear in the video feed of thousands of viewers at once

Poll Votes & Question Sticker Answering

We engage with user's interactive stories to grab their attention naturally. This includes voting for polls and answering their question stickers with generic and friendly replies.

Auto Blacklist

Auto-blacklisting organizes and removes content that's explicit or derogatory.

Advanced parameters

Take your targeting one step further with advanced parameters. In your advanced settings tab on your dashboard, you're able to optimize your existing targeting settings by adjusting exactly who we engage with.


  • Minimum & Maximum Followers
  • How many people a target-follower is following
  • Minimum amount of posts a target-follower should have
  • Gender & location targeting

And much more.