When will I gain followers?

Natural Growth Can Vary

Account growth greatly depends on the quality and relevance of your posts. Nitreo will be engaging with your target audience organically, which means we can't commit to a certain time span. Most clients start seeing exponential growth as soon as they start, others can may not experience such a rapid change. Nevertheless, growth is expected with all accounts and that is our guarantee.

Ensuring your Settings are Optimal

Most of the time when people experience slow or delayed growth it is associated with a poor selection of targets. You can always reach out to our customer support. We will assist you and guide you through your settings if necessary. 

Improving Your Content

Having good content is the single most effective way to grow quickly. Make sure your posts are well curated, your feed is looked after and that you have a well-defined niche. This will ensure faster growth as people will be more willing to follow you. To summarize it, keep up the great content and you will grow exponentially!