Navigate Your Account

Get familiar with our features and where to find what you need in Nitreo.

General Stats

In your main Dashboard, click on an account to see its detailed analytics. Growth, engagement, hashtag performance and more. To come back here from another tab, simply click on General. Note that all the stats on your dashboard update every 24 hours.

Account Settings

To change account category, add or remove hashtags and similar accounts click on Settings. You can also Whitelist or Block accounts here and also block hashtags.

Advanced Settings

While on a Speed plan, you will also have access to the Advanced Settings panel. On this panel you can control your target audience more closely. You can choose target locations, gender and even filter based on account popularity and following ratios - amongst other useful tools. Feel free to play around with it to discover your perfect settings. If you need assistance with this, you can always contact support for guidance.


Under your account Activity tab you will be able to see your recent activities. This will include actions you have taken and it is also a good way to keep track of what is happening while we grow your account.

Nitreo User Settings

By navigating to the Settings page using the left navigation bar, you will be able to see all your account settings. This will include a tab where you can change your basic information such as your email, password and billing information.


On your Subscriptions tab you will see all your subscriptions status. In this page you can upgrade your account, change your plan or cancel your subscription at any time. You can also Upgrade your account by navigating to the Upgrade tab.


The Orders tab is where you will have all your payments listed. Here you can keep track of your orders and their status. You can also download your invoices whenever you need by clicking the blue Download button.


If at any given time you need help getting around, you can contact our customer support for personalized assistance. We will always be one click away to help you.