Does Nitreo automatically unfollow accounts?

The short answer is, yes

To elaborate, we select users to follow and unfollow based on the hashtags, similar users, and locations you added to your account. We carefully balance the numbers we follow and unfollow to optimize your growth, and guarantee healthy ratios. It takes a few days for new accounts to start seeing unfollow activity, so be patient, our AI is at work and you will soon see the numbers balancing out. 

If there are accounts we followed that you don't want Nitreo to unfollow, simply add them to the Whitelist in your account Settings. If you manually follow accounts, don't worry, Nitreo won't unfollow them.

By automating your follow and unfollow activity, you are sure to:

  • Save time tying to find the right users to follow
  • Cleanly and efficiently grow your account
  • Get results that improve over time