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Like after Follow

Last updated on Oct 20, 2023

Growing on Instagram isn’t just about building an audience, it’s also about keeping them engaged and coming back for more. ❣️

That’s exactly why we have built our Like after Follow feature, which will automatically Like posts of your targeted audience and get them to engage with your account. Like after Follow is a core part of our service, and is available on all plans.

It’s advised to keep this feature ON at all times, since it has a tremendous impact on performance and growth.

How Like after Follow works

Like after Follow is a core system feature, and can be toggled at any time on your Dynamics page. The feature is ON by default, since it significantly boosts your performance, growth, engagement, and makes your activity seem genuine and organic.

So - how does it work?

Our system is designed to follow and unfollow targeted users in order to organically grow your account, and this feature is perfectly integrated with that process. ⏱️

Like after Follow automatically likes anywhere from 1-3 posts from an account that has followed you back, ensuring they get one last reminder to engage with your account. We always make sure to avoid liking old posts, and we adjust the number of likes to the number of posts the account has.

This ensures that your activity seems authentic and prompts them to check out your account again. 🚀

Important things to note

Since Like after Follow is a part of our core service, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • We only Like posts from accounts that our system followed, and that have followed you back

  • You can see the number of Likes done in your Dynamics Screen, in the Like after Follow section

  • We Like posts before unfollowing an account

  • Because of this, there will be a delay of a day or two before you notice an update to your Like after Follow counter